How to sell your used Car.

Selling your car today is easier than ever. We've come up with a few tips to help you get the best price for your car.

Step 1
A good place to start is determining the market value of your car. Consumers search for used cars on popular car buying sites such as,, or check used car value to compare it. You get more for your car selling it yourself, than trading it to a car dealer. If it's < 4 years old, dealers give you at least $3000 less than market value for it. Banks won't finance cars > 4 years old, they're worthless to dealers.
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Step 2
Get your car ready. That means you should clean your car, inside and out. Smart car shoppers want to know how well maintained your vehicle is and will ask for maintenance records. A presentable maintenance log with all of your receipts, especially oil changes, can be a powerful selling tool. Fix Up Your Car Before you sell It.
Getting the best value for your trade in vehicle

Step 3
Confirm that the interested party has decided to buy the car. If you're open to negotiation, determine the least amount you will accept. Based on that amount, you may want to create some cushion in your price - $300 is a good minimum. Remember, buyers are looking at the same online pricing guides, so if your price is close to or lower than the price they found, your car could be that much more appealing. Ask buyer to make you an offer.
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Step 4
Wait before making a counteroffer if the buyer's offer is too low.
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Step 5
Make a counteroffer. Leave your counteroffer on the table if the buyer rejects it. Offer the buyer, pleasantly, an opportunity to call later if he or she reconsiders the counteroffer. Several rounds of offers and counteroffers are usually not necessary if both parties keep fairness in mind.
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