Easy way to transfer your leased car

To make transfer of your leased car is not so easy, but you can end a lease if you transfer it to another person and avoid paying remaninig payments. Note lease transfer isn't the same as a sublease. Subleasing a car is not legal in some states.

Step 1

Ask your lessor is it allows lease transfer or lease assumptions. Usually transfer accessible after a certain period, but lessor prefers don't inform on it.
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Step 2

Next step consist in search person who will take your lease. There are many ways to make it. Use relatives and friends, place your offer on the websites, such as SwapALease.com, LeaseTrading.com & LeaseTrader.com.
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Step 3

Last step. Transfer your leased car to the new lessee and avoid paying remaninig payments. When lease approach to the end, new lessee can returns the vehicle to the leasing company or might have the option to buy.
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